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After having designed our detailed programmes in the past three years, the ’sole’ task remains: to attract more and more children to Miniring. We want them to learn the basics of safe traffic in a playful and entertaining environment. The Driving Centre co-operates in its programmes with the National Road Traffic Authority and the Road Accident Prevention Committee. We asked Julia Gazsi, deputy CEO of Hungaroring Sport Zrt. about the past and the present. 

How did the idea of Miniring came? 
’I was wondering how my daughter would make her way home safely from school when it suddenly occurred to me that I work just at the right company that could do something to promote it’ – smiles Julia.  ’We have been training adults for years here in Hungaroring so why not do the same with children? All we needed was a scheme, along which we could start a systematic work on the programme that teaches by experience. 

How did you begin? 
First we planned a week-long camp, ’piloting’ it with our own children, testing on them the preferred teaching methods. It was very interesting how, instead of competitions, they were more interested in riding bicycles and driving little cars, in one word: playing. Therefore we designed the programme around playing, and our little pupils (aged 5-18) absorbed knowledge very quickly.  It was slightly difficult to consolidate the needs, since kids straight out of kindergarten were interested in drawing wooden spoon shaped policemen, while the older ones wanted to fill in tests and ride motorbikes, but we managed to bridge the differences and the now returning children confirm our success. 

We know where you started from. But where are you heading? 
Our original plan was to address and bring to Hungaroring as many children as we could. But we soon faced the first limitation which is transportation. It is also the biggest cost. Therefore we turned our attention towards thematic school education, meaning organising school trips to here, thinking if classes visit Budapest anyway, why not come and spend half a day or a whole day at us? 

Which organisations support you in the Miniring-programme?
We involved the ambulance service and the police, so children have the possibility to try resuscitation on a teddy bear or can learn who to call in case of an emergency. In the police car, the most interesting thing for them is the click of the handcuffs, but meanwhile they also learn about road safety and traffic culture. It includes holding on firmly when travelling on public transport but also to offer their seats to the elderly. Beyond acquiring a safety-aware and rule-follower attitude, they also learn about the importance of human relationships.  

Do they only see Miniring and the Highway Code track of Hungaroring? 
Of course not! We introduce them to the entire race track, if they want it. The statue park, the finish straight, the pit lane and the off-road track. It is important for them, but also for us, since these children will become the future fans of the auto motor sport, go-kart champions or future customers who come back to our races and driving courses. Besides education, it is also a benefit that they will get to love Hungaroring and spread the word about it...

Júlia Gazsi
Hungaroring Sport Zrt - Deputy CEO
Tanpálya Vezetéstechnikai Centrum Kft. - manager

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