Interactive traffic lesson at the Driving Centre

This lesson is different from the others. Not only because it is three hours long as a whole, but because theory can be immediately tested in practice by the ’students’. And how useful that they do! 
The Driving Centre provides opportunity for school classes to further educate on the existing basis of environmentally conscious traffic knowledge. 

Theoretical and practical lessons at Hungaroring develop the knowledge of all age groups accordingly Interactive traffic lessons begin with a fun placement test, in order to establish what is needed for the theoretical lesson. 
Practical part of the programme is carried out on the Miniring Highway Code Track, testing the newly acquired knowledge on foot, on bicycle and in small electric cars. At this point already there are big smiles on the faces, to be followed by the opportunity to ride in an ambulance, to resuscitate our gigantic teddy bear or in the police car to hold a real pair of handcuffs or touch a real endurance bike. 
And that is not the end of it!
In our Driving Centre we demonstrate what it feels like when a bus drifts on the road (of course in a safe and controlled environment).  This is also very educative for the children and are sure to retell this adventure many times later. 

Duration of the programme: minimum 3 hours (usually from 9.00 to 12.00) – at a previously arranged date
Maximum number of participants: 30

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