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Aniko Gulyas

She worked as a kindergarten teacher from 1981 to 2006 during which period she gained certification as museum pedagogyst. From the autumn of 2006 to 2013 she worked in the Museum of Transport educating children not only of kindergarten age but school pupils and young adults as well.  
  • Based on the permanent and temporary exhibitions, she designed and managed complex, interative museum education for children. 
  • Her tasks included editing museum pedagogy publications.
  • At weekends, she designed and led  birthday parties and family Sundays during these seven years. 
Continuous learning is important but not only for children. Aniko has continuously trained herself by attending courses in several education and training areas. 
  • For two years she was studying and elaborating programmes about road safety. She uses and develops her expertise through the programmes of the Driving Centre. 
  • She offers fun programmes for childrens' groups, school classes and all those who consider it important to enlarge their knowledge of safe road traffic and come to Miniring.
István Palágyi

As a teacher, he has been educating students for safe road traffic since 1977. After the initial success he worked at the Pest County Police Department at the Youth Special Committee, then in 1980 he qualified as a driving instructor. For twenty years his students finished top ranking at road safety competitions.
As a professional, he has been working at the motorway police since 1992, than at the central call centre, but apart from his main job he has continuously been busy with road safety and accident prevention.
Since 2000 he worked at ORFK Traffic Management Department, his main tasks being educating youth for safe traffic and accident prevention, national coordination of these and professional advising. 
For twelve years he has been continuously analysing fatal road accidents and as expert, has published several articles. Since his retirement on 1 May 2013 he has helped the work of ORFK National Accident Prevention Committee. 
Beside his main job, he has been working as an instructor at the Driving Centre since 2004, being the valued member of an excellent team of experts. His job is his hobby, his hobby is his vocation. He likes his work at the Driving Centre and he strives to maintain and develop his knowledge and pass it on to his students.
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